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We are excited to welcome back our wonderful customers for outdoor dining on 12.04.2021 . We have all missed you enjoying great food and the atmosphere of the dining experience with friends and family.

To ensure everyone has equal opportunity to enjoy our dining areas and stay as safe as possible, we would like to make you aware of some measures we have put in place.

• Masks must be worn inside.

When making your way to the balcony, using the toilets or collecting a takeaway, we ask that you wear a mask.

• Please respect the allocated time slots.

Your reserved table will be for a period of 2 hours. If you are late, your time at the table will be less. We will serve the last drinks for your table 20 minutes before the time at your table is up.

We will present the bill for your table 15 minutes before the time at your table is up and ask you to vacate the table 5 minutes before so it can be cleaned. This will ensure that the table is ready and clean for the next booking, as we are not permitted to allow people to wait inside.

• Please remain at your table unless visiting the restroom.

Guests cannot mix with other tables and must remain seated throughout, nor can guests put tables together.

• No smoking or vaping on the front dining area.

In adherence with the licensing of the outside dining area, customers will need to leave the dining area if they wish to smoke or vape, it is not permitted within our boundaries.

• Pre-authorisation.

A pre-authorisation of your card will be required when dining in our outside areas.

• Children under 16 are not permitted in our outside dining areas.

This is in adherence with our license to trade outside.

Unfortunately, if you have not stipulated there are children in your party and arrive with children, we will be unable to honour the booking.

• The weather!

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the British weather.

We have parasols, heaters and blankets on our patio areas but make sure you wear warm clothing. However, if the weather is not suitable for you to be comfortable and you choose not to attend, you will be required to re-book at another time (availability permitting).

If the weather takes a turn for the worse during your time on our patio, we are not permitted to have guests indoors, but we will be more than happy to box your food for a takeaway and will not charge for food you have not yet received at the time of leaving.

• Drink responsibly.

Our dining areas will include families as well as being in an open space where the general public are passing by. Please be mindful of noise levels, language and respect other diners, staff and public while enjoying yourself.

• No split bills.

We cannot split bills. It will be the responsibility of the party members to determine method and division of payment.

If we respect these measures and help one another, we can all enjoy our freedom together.

Thank you for your understanding

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